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Tinlin Bio

Tinlin equates to a songwriting partnership of two brothers Alex and Rolf Tinlin, whose emphasis lies firmly in the production of original and honest, yet well-crafted music. Tinlin's style is constantly evolving to capture the emotion of the music; from the raw simplicity of mandolin and guitar, to bigger, bolder, and more experimental productions. Yet at its heart there always remain the striking vocal harmonies, for which Tinlin are renowned.

Tinlin write and perform intelligent songs full of modulation, minor keys and harmony...Tinlin were an excellent choice of support act and a pleasant surprise for an audience which would have happily sat through non-stop Zombies.
~ The Messenger Online
   (review of The Zombies support show)
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Open Air Festivals

With a wide variety of experience under their belt, Tinlin have entertained and performed at several major festivals around the world, including the UK's legendary Glastonbury festival and as well as others in Europe and Australia. Their unique outfit compliments any stage, however big or small.

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Big Stage

Having been touring permanently since 2010, Tinlin have had the privilige of appearing in some of the UK's most prestigious music halls and theatres, such as The Sage (Gateshead), The Philharmonic Hall (Liverpool), The Grand Opera House (York) and The Royal Concert Hall (Glasgow).

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Radio Shows

Alongside their stage performances, Tinlin have graced international airwaves with their raw and heartfelt live sets, accompanied by light hearted and jovial interviews.

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Private Events - Lounge Gigs

Be it a charity event, wedding, birthday party or even a funeral, Tinlin have quite honestly done it all! Thier adaptable, yet charming (!) disposition makes them a perfect choice for audiences of all kinds. Our latest venture is performing 'lounge gigs' for our lucky fans!